Looking for FoxTrot Fun Run T-Shirt Sponsors!

Hello FHM Parents! I am Karen Force one of your fundraising co-chairs for the CSN this year. Welcome to new families, and welcome back to returning families!

For the Fox Trot Fun Run coming up September 30, we would love to print t-shirts for all FHM students who participate, and are looking for sponsorships from local businesses! Would your business like to help sponsor t-shirts?

Prices range from:
$250 – 2×2″ logo on back of shirt & website logo posting for the year
$500 – 4×4″ logo on back of shirt & website logo posting for the year
$1000 – half of back shirt & website logo posting for the year
$2,500 – prominent logo display on back of shirt & website logo posting for the year

Please email me at if you are interested in sponsoring.

This is an awesome event for FHM and everyone has a blast! It is also a great way to advertise your business, as there will be over 375 students participating and wearing these t-shirts around town!

Woo hoo and THANK YOU!


Who, Not What, is the Community Support Network?

CSN Color Logo 2010 SUN ONLY-FINAL_1

The Free Horizon Montessori Foundation (the “FHMF”) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created in 2002 to support Free Horizon Montessori.  The purpose of the Foundation is to serve as the fundraising arm of the school and provide an independent bank account from which the school could draw upon to support itself. In 2006, the Community Support Network (CSN) was established by FHMF to better address the needs of the FHM community.

Your CSN is excited for the upcoming year and has created the 2016-17 CSN Welcome Packet.   It is four pages containing all sorts of handy information and links.   Check it out.

Read more about the CSN.


Why Sign Up in the FHM Student Directory?

The student directory is created by parents for parents of Free Horizon Montessori. It’s not an emergency contact list or a list of information for the school…it’s information for the parents. The directory allows our community to stay in touch. This is where you find out how to contact parents for things like playdates, birthday parties, carpools or trips to the park. It also allows the CSN to contact you about volunteer opportunities in for your student’s classroom. Only enter your information if you want to be contacted. It’s easy and quick and needs to be done by 9/16. The information will be consolidated and circulated. It will not be posted on a “public” site.

Here is the link to SignUp

Thanks for your time and all you do to make Free Horizon Montessori such a great school!


Join CSN Facebook Group

Parents, grandparents and guardians of FHM students are welcome to join the Free Horizon Montessori CSN closed Facebook group. This Facebook page serves as a virtual method for our FHM community to connect about play dates, community resources, community events, fundraising events, summer camps, and more.  The group guidelines are published here.


The Golden Backpack Program


FHM is partnering with the Golden Backpack Program (GBP) to help feed Golden students in need. This program currently assists approximately 600 students in Golden, including FHM students. Volunteering with GBP counts towards FHM volunteer hours. Read More.