What Do You Think? It’s time for the annual FHM Parent Survey

Hello FHM Community. Please take a few minutes to help fine-tune FHM’s strategic vision by providing some input through the FHM Parent Survey. This short survey will provide the School Accountability Committee with some valuable feedback. The survey will remain open for two weeks. Your support is truly appreciated!   Click here to access the survey.


Fundraising Made Simple

FHM 2016-17 Inspired Giving brochure

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December Grub Club

Wednesday December 14 at Lil’ Ricci’s Pizzaria.   They will donate 20% of sales.
Grub Club Flyer coming soon


3A Mill Levy Override and 3B Bond Initiative Do Not Pass

On November 8th, voters of Jefferson County voted down the 3A  Mill Levy Override and the 3B Bond Initiative both to benefit Jeffco Schools.    3A  lost with 158,475 votes (52.24%) against Mill Levy Override to 144,883 (47.76%) for it.  3B lost with 159,589 votes (52.9%) against the Bond to 142,076 (47.10%) for it.

3A is a Mill Levy Override intended to provide $33 million in operating expenses specifically to be used for:

  • Attracting and retaining high-quality teachers and support staff.
  • Expanding the “STEM” programs (science, technology, math, and engineering), as well as arts, music and vocational programs;
  • Increasing school security resources.

3B is a Bond for capital funding that would have provided $535 million for long-term costs including:

  • Providing safety and security upgrades in school buildings;
  • 110 elementary, middle and high school buildings will receive repairs and improvements long overdue including roofs, plumbing, electrical, lighting and mechanical systems;
  • Equipping our schools with updated technology;
  • Improving and repairing Outdoor Lab, Jeffco’s nature and science learning center;
  • Better utilization of district resources by expanding and equipping old and new school buildings, increasing classroom space and learning labs, and equipping and furnishing them.

For More Information:

Information from Jeffco Public Schools.  This site has numerous links to other sites.

Free Horizon Montessori’s information sheet put together by Jeffco


2016 Fox Trot Fun Run Raises $14,385

A total of 410 students participated in the Fun Run and ran, walked, skipped, and danced their way through 8,200 laps, equivalent to 683 total miles! So far, the Fun Run has raised over $14,000 for the school, exceeding the original goal of $12,000. The donations collected help fund programs and materials supporting FHM’s Three Tenants: Individualized Instruction, Engaging Curriculum, and Strong Community

On November 4, over 155 individual student prizes were delivered to classrooms for distribution. Prizes are based on the amount a student raised and turned.  The items are labeled for each student and sealed so that they can open in their car or when they get home.


Thank you, Thank you to all the amazing volunteers who helped to make this event so much fun for the students. A BIG thank you to the students who make this event possible. They ran so hard and were so supportive of one another! It wouldn’t be an event without them!


Who, Not What, is the Community Support Network?

CSN Color Logo 2010 SUN ONLY-FINAL_1

The Free Horizon Montessori Foundation (the “FHMF”) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created in 2002 to support Free Horizon Montessori.  The purpose of the Foundation is to serve as the fundraising arm of the school and provide an independent bank account from which the school could draw upon to support itself. In 2006, the Community Support Network (CSN) was established by FHMF to better address the needs of the FHM community.

Your CSN is excited for the upcoming year and has created the 2016-17 CSN Welcome Packet.   It is four pages containing all sorts of handy information and links.   Check it out.

Read more about the CSN.