2016 Fox Trot Fun Run Raises $14,385

A total of 410 students participated in the Fun Run and ran, walked, skipped, and danced their way through 8,200 laps, equivalent to 683 total miles! So far, the Fun Run has raised over $14,000 for the school, exceeding the original goal of $12,000. The donations collected help fund programs and materials supporting FHM’s Three Tenants: Individualized Instruction, Engaging Curriculum, and Strong Community

On November 4, over 155 individual student prizes were delivered to classrooms for distribution. Prizes are based on the amount a student raised and turned.  The items are labeled for each student and sealed so that they can open in their car or when they get home.


Thank you, Thank you to all the amazing volunteers who helped to make this event so much fun for the students. A BIG thank you to the students who make this event possible. They ran so hard and were so supportive of one another! It wouldn’t be an event without them!