FoxTrot Fun Run Planned September 2018

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2017 FHM FunRun Pledge Sheet_Guidelines

Volunteer Needs

Event Day Schedule – TBD

Participant Prizes based on amounts collected.  This year, we will be giving students “Book Bucks” (credit at the Scholastic Book Fair) as incentive prizes.

To pay on-line with a credit card go here.   This is a great option for out-of-town relatives and people who ask to pay by credit card.

The 8th Annual FHMF/CSN Fox Trot Fun Run is a fun and fit activity for Free Horizon’s entire community, with all children reaching for their personal best distance.  Our goal is to help the fundraising committee raise at least $12,000 to help fund FHM’s Three Tenets: Individualized Instruction, Engaging Curriculum, and Strong Community

The Fox Trot Fun Run is held during the school day! Students begin by collecting pledges for how many laps they can accomplish.  Each student will then run/walk/dance/skip as many 1/12th mile laps in 30 minutes (15 minutes for Primary students).   All students may participate, even if they did not collect pledges.   Students then receive spirit wear/gear prizes for all collections at least $5. Prize categories are established based on the amount of funds collected by each student. So, a student can decide after the Fun Run to try and collect funds based on their accomplishment. 


  1. Students may start collecting pledges as soon as they receive the pledge sheets. Do NOT bring your pledge sheets to school on the day of the run, Friday September 29, 2017.  The number of laps run/walked will be recorded on a separate item.
  2. Pledges may be made by anyone. Each sponsor making a pledge should write their own name, pledge per lap, and maximum pledge, if they wish. Students may collect the pledge in advance but must keep pledges until all are collected to turn in at one time.
  3. On the day of the Fun Run, each student will walk/run/skip/dance on the specified course. Each lap is 1/12 mile. Each student will be issued a “lap tag,” which will be marked each time they reach the starting point, thereby keeping track of the number of laps completed.
  4. Upon completion of the Fun Run, students will hand in their lap tags. Volunteers will record each student’s lap total on a separate item for the student to bring home.
  5. Students can then collect pledges or donations.  Checks can be made payable to: FHMF. Please, return pledge sheets with the money to FHM no later than October 12th.  Place pledge sheet and funds collected in an envelope with the words FUNRUN written on the envelope.  Place this in the CSN mailbox in the lobby.  Do NOT give the envelope to your teacher.
  6. Participants are encouraged to wear hats and sunscreen if it’s sunny or bring rain gear if it’s rainy/drizzling.
  7. If weather conditions are unsafe on September 30, the FunRun will be postponed to October 6th.  The daily schedule will remain the same, but the pledge collections will be due no later than October 20.
  8. Prizes will be distributed to the student who collect funds about two to three weeks after the Fun Run collection due date.

This event will require volunteers throughout the day to help track laps, give water, escort children to/from the classroom, as needed.