About Us

The Free Horizon Montessori Foundation (the “FHMF”) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization supporting Free Horizon Montessori in providing Individualized Instruction, delivering Engaging Curriculum, and supporting a Strong Community.

When Free Horizon Montessori was established in 2002, the founders also created the Free Horizon Montessori Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. The purpose of the Foundation was to serve as the fundraising arm of the school and provide an independent bank account from which the school could draw upon to support itself.

In 2006, the Community Support Network (CSN) was established by FHMF to better address the needs of the FHM community. As the school has evolved, the mission of the Foundation has evolved as well. Along with fundraising activities, the Foundation hosts community events.

Through the Community Support Network, also known as the CSN, the Free Horizon Montessori Foundation was created to support the fiscal needs of the school. Since FHM is a Jefferson County Option School of Innovation, its fiscal needs and obligations are different than those of a traditional neighborhood school. As a non-profit, the FHMF is committed to supporting the Free Horizon Montessori community both financially and in spirit. FHMF Community Support Network focuses on building community, organizing volunteer opportunities, fundraising, and supporting our families, students and staff. The work performed by the CSN enhances many aspects of our school.by providing funds for facility upgrades, technology, field trips, Montessori classroom materials, teacher training and more.

The CSN is successful because of the participation and dedication of its parents – similar to a PTA. Did you know that every parent at Free Horizon Montessori is a member of the CSN? Your interest, participation and volunteerism make a huge difference here. Your time benefits your family and all of the students at FHM. The members of this network have fostered a strong Parent – Teacher partnership through which we strive to achieve our collective goals for the school. “Research shows that kids with involved parents get better grades, have fewer discipline problems, and are more likely to pass their classes and go on to higher education.” (PTO Today Magazine, January 2009)

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