Sheri’s Project – Connecting Our Community!

Remember the time you missed a Village Night because you were traveling, or your youngest suddenly decided projectile vomiting was a good idea, or your car battery died and, by the time you got home, your migraine spiked to all-time new pain level? All parents and guardians have these stories, it just a fact of life. Although we all desperately want to attend meetings at school because we do care, we are often just tired, ill, or without adult backup. Whatever the reason, there was one FHM mom who knew what to do.

Sheri Harper Champlin, who passed away in 2014, envisioned a system where staff and school volunteers could use remote collaboration technology to facilitate parents and guardians to participate more fully in their children’s school. Sheri was an amazing mother, sister, daughter, and loved member of our community. In honor of her legacy and commitment to her children, she requested that donations be made in her honor to benefit Free Horizon Montessori. Her wish was that these funds be used to set up and implement remote access for parents and guardians who are physically unable to attend school events. We envision this being accomplished through live streaming access, delayed recording, or both.

We have already begun to see the benefits of her vision through purchases of a high-quality camcorder, microphone system, tripod, memory cards, and adapter cable. Through Mr. Luke’s, FHM Technology Teacher, fantastic videography and editing skills, we have already begun to realize Sheri’s vision through the FHM YouTube Channel. We have recorded: 6th grade Outdoor Lab orientation, two school music videos, Middle School panel, solar celebration event, “how to” for FHM’s Typing Club, Science & Engineering Fair, carline instructions, and more to come.

We currently have $1,933.71 remaining in the Sheri Harper Champlin Memorial Fund. We are still accepting donations. If interested, please make checks payable to FHMF and write Sheri Harper Champlin Memorial Fund in the memo line.

Many thanks to those volunteers who have already worked on this project: Nigel McClammy, Bryan Palmintier, Monica Buhlig, and Joelle Harper (Sheri’s sister). As with any project, we are still working towards Sheri’s full vision. We will always need videographers and editors. If you have this skill and are interested in volunteering in any way, please

What is remote collaboration?

A technology-based process of communicating using electronic assets and accompanying software designed for use in remote locations. Electronic devices feature video, audio, and telestration (on-screen drawing) capabilities broadcast over secure networks, enabling multi-party conferencing in real-time (although real-time communication is not a strict requirement of mobile collaboration and may not be applicable or practical in many collaboration scenarios).

Differing from traditional video conferencing, mobile collaboration utilizes wireless, cellular, and broadband technologies enabling effective collaboration independent of location.

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