A community is built by all. Volunteering is vital to our school community.  Plus, it just feels good to give back. 

2016 Volunteer FAQs

Hour Goal per Family = 30 hours per school year

We trust each family to track their own hours and to give what they can.

Uh oh, I have no time to volunteer...No worries! You can “buy out” your hours, guilt free, shame free with a tax-deductible donation (suggested amount $500) to the CSN.  Make checks payable to Free Horizon Montessori Foundation.   This is NOT required, but greatly appreciated. If you have any questions or need more information contact volunteer@fhmcsn.org.

We use Signup Genius to schedule and inform volunteers about opportunities.

SignUp Genius





Here are examples signups you may see:

  • Potluck needs
  • Shopping for Village Night
  • Being a Science Fair classroom mentor
  • Attending a CSN or Board of Directors meeting
  • Eating at Village Night
  • Selling raffle tickets
  • Volunteering for Spring Fling
  • Attending Spring Fling
  • Preparing class materials
  • Conducting spelling tests
  • Chaperoning a field trip
  • Parent/Teacher conferences

Did you know that every hour volunteered at or for the school has an equivalent worth of $25.96? (Reference: Volunteer Value)

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